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  • A New Shield Over Europe

    Read Ambassador Daalder's Op-ed in the IHT, discussing the declaration of an interim NATO ballistic missile-defense capability at the Chicago Summit. 

  • Press Briefing by U.S. Ambassador to NATO Ivo Daalder and Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes

    18 months ago we had our last summit at NATO at Lisbon in which we agreed to set the stage to revitalize the Alliance, ready for the 21st century. We would try to ensure, to figure out how NATO could be ready, fit for purpose, for the threats that we face today and tomorrow. 

  • Fact Sheet: Chicago Summit - NATO Capabilities

    NATO remains an essential transatlantic link and force multiplier for the United States, our Allies, and partners. The Chicago Summit provides us a new opportunity to reaffirm and refine the vision that binds Allies together and sets us on a course to maintain and develop the capabilities NATO needs to remain an essential source of global stability. 

  • Deterrence and Defense Posture Review

    At the Lisbon Summit, the Heads of State and Government mandated a review of NATO’s overall posture in deterring and defending against the full range of threats to the Alliance, taking into account the changes in the evolving international security environment. 

  • Summit Declaration on Defense Capabilities: Toward NATO Forces 2020

    As Alliance leaders, we are determined to ensure that NATO retains and develops the capabilities necessary to perform its essential core tasks collective defence, crisis management and cooperative security – and thereby to play an essential role promoting security in the world. 

  • Man parachuting from an airplane
    Improving NATO’s capabilities

    NATO has been engaged in continuous and systematic transformation for many years to ensure that it has the policies, capabilities, and structures required, in the changing international security environment, to deal with current and future challenges, including of course the collective defence of its members. (NATO) 

  • Op-Ed by Ambassador Daalder: NATO's Economy of Scale

    Read Ambassador Daalder's op-ed on NATO's financial challenges and the opportunities to invest in joint capabilities. (New York Times) 

  • NATO Investment Critical Despite Fiscal Challenge

    Fiscal austerity adds to the challenge of building NATO capacity, but identifying priorities and instituting new initiatives will help the alliance meet evolving security threats, the acting undersecretary of defense for policy said here today. (U.S. Department of Defense) 

  • Military airplane
    Improving NATO’s strategic air - and sealift capabilities

    NATO member countries have pooled their resources to acquire special aircraft and ships that will give the Alliance the capability to transport troops, equipment and supplies across the globe. (NATO) 

  • Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) system
    Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS)

    NATO plans to acquire an Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) system that will give commanders a comprehensive picture of the situation on the ground. (NATO) 

  • NATO Missile Defense Media Guide

    Check out NATO's library catalog to help find resources on NATO's Missile Defense. (NATO) 

  • Ballistic missile being fired
    Missile Defense

    Ballistic missiles pose an increasing threat to Allied populations, territory and deployed forces. Read more about NATO's role in its population. (NATO) 

  • Missile Defense: The NATO Perspective

    Ambassador Daalder speaks at the 2011 Multinational BMD Conference and Exhibition (AIAA) in Copenhagen, Denmark. (U.S. Mission to NATO)  

  • Under Secretary Tauscher on Trans-Atlantic Missile Defense

    Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Ellen Tauscher speaks at the Atlantic Council Missile Defense Conference on “Trans-Atlantic Missile Defense: Phase II and the Lead Up to the NATO Chicago Summit.” (U.S. Department - International Information Programs) 

  • Missile Defense Agency (MDA)

    The official site of the Missile Defense Agency. The Missile Defense Agency is a research, development, and acquisition agency within the Department of Defense.