COL Norrie’s Opening Remarks at Camp Karliki, Poland

COL Norrie’s Opening Remarks

Camp Karliki, Poland

January 30, 2017


Distinguished guests,

Just over three weeks ago, the ramp on the first of three ships carrying our equipment dropped at the Port of Bremerhaven- since then, we have quickly assembled an entire Armored Brigade Combat Team here in Poland, rapidly moving thousands of people and pieces of equipment by air, ground, and rail and preparing this team for combat operations — completing live fire training, loading and maintaining our vehicles, confirming our communications, and establishing our sustainment systems.

Today, a combined arms live fire demonstration with our friends and allies — the Polish Army and the 11th Armored Cavalry Division. Our Colors have symbolized our units for generations- and last month our team symbolically cased these colors to signify that we were leaving families and friends at Fort Caron, CO to serve here. Those same Colors are now unfurled here- signifying not only our service in Atlantic Resolve, but a visible and credible expression of our Nation’s commitment to our Allies, and the power of this exceptional team of teams, fully ready to take action, if needed, to preserve our shared interest in security and peace in this vital part of the world.

And I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the power of this team — today, only a few short days after our arrival, the very best men and women in each of our Nations will move thousands of tons of steel together as one, simultaneously engaging targets at distances in excess of over 2 miles, or 4,000 meters, while moving at speeds in excess of 30 mph, or almost 50 kmh — all with a single purpose: to express the will of the Alliance on anyone who dares harm our shared interest and way of life.

This is a strong team, and we are so proud to be a part of it. Our unwavering strength is our commitment to each other; the tanks and infantry fighting vehicles alone are powerful, but it is the men and women of both Nations — our very best, fully empowered with a powerful idea: That there are things in this world worth defending, and that the best way to prevent a war is to train for it. That makes this team the most powerful and capable team of team on the planet.

We are so proud to be a part of this, and know that long after the echoes of our firing fade away today, the strength of our team will remain, fully committed to each other, and united always in purpose and resolve.

Steadfast and loyal!

Strong Europe!

Iron Strong!

Honor and Country!