Grants Program

Grants Program

The Office of the Public Affairs Advisor manages the U.S. Mission to NATO’s grants program, which is designed to assist non-government organizations and think-tanks that focus on international affairs, defense and security issues, and U.S. and European relations to create programs that encourage public discussions and creative public engagements in Europe that advance U.S. policies regarding NATO.

All available grant opportunities offered by the U.S. Mission to NATO are posted online at to ensure open competition and transparency.

Funding opportunities

General Guidelines

  • All forms must be completed in English and all budgets and other figures must be converted to U.S. dollars ($).
  • All inquiries must be sent to
  • Where flights to and from the United States are part of a program, these flights must adhere to the provisions of the Fly America Act.
  • All Grantees will work with assigned Grants Officer and/or Grants Officer Representative to ensure that your program costs are allowable to implement your program successfully.

Selected Funding for 2020

  • Arizona State University | Empowering NATO to Counter Authoritarian Mis and Disinformation Today and in Coming Decades
  • Center for European Policy Analysis | Hybrid Warfare of the Future: Sharpening NATO’s Competitive Edge
  • Civic Resilience Initiative | Building Digital Resilience in Baltic States Journalism
  • Carnegie Europe | Threats in the South: A New Assessment of Russian Presence in the Mediterranean and its Consequences for NATO

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the above information or working with us through a grant award, please send us an email at