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February 4, 2015: Ambassador Lute’s Pre-Foreign Ministerial Briefing

February 4, 2015 Ambassador Lute:  Thanks.  For returning veterans, thanks for coming again to the latest greatest ministerial session here at NATO.  We do these, for those who are new to the game, we do these about quarterly with either Defense Ministers or Foreign Ministers, so tomorrow is Defense Ministers.  It will be the first ...
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November 20, 2014: The Wales Summit: Strengthening NATO Partnerships

In 2014, NATO confronts diverse and complex challenges on its periphery.  From Russia’s aggression in Ukraine to the emergence of the terrorist group known as ISIL to unrest in Northern Africa, NATO faces instability on its flanks.  At the NATO Summit this September, NATO’s 28 leaders assessed these threats and took decisions to adapt the ...
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October 9, 2014: NATO: A Bedrock for Transatlantic Peace and Security

Op-Ed by Douglas Lute October 9, 2014 For 65 years, NATO – history’s most successful and durable alliance — has served as the bedrock for trans-Atlantic peace and security. As threats have evolved and walls have fallen, the Alliance has remained the foundation for stability and prosperity, anchored by a steadfast commitment to shared democratic ...
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