Sept 29, 2017: Colonel Gardner’s Remarks at Transfer of Authority Ceremony in Zagan, Poland

Major General George, Major General Mika, Brigadier General Czosnek …fellow soldiers and guests…Drodzy Mieszkańcy Zagania, (dear Leaders of Zagan), members of the greater Poland community…my name is Pułkownik Dave Gardner, and I am proud to be a big red one soldier serving in Europe.

Before I begin, please join me in a round of applause for the 3rd Brigade of the 4th Division as we congratulate them on a job well done!

It is a privilege to stand here as the commander of America’s second brigade of its first division during our historic return to Europe. One hundred years ago, this brigade and our division fought with allies to ensure the security of Europe. And at this very time, seventy-five years ago, the big red one soldiers of our division prepared to set sail for North Africa to again fight beside our European allies. In the battle of Britain, at Tobruk, at El Guettar, in Sicily, at Monte Cassino, at Normandy, the Falaise pocket, and at many battles, Polish Forces and big red one soldiers fought in an alliance against European Aggression. I can assure you that uncasing our colors today in central Europe stands as tangible proof that the American commitment to a stable Europe is as vigorous today as it was then. I can also assure you that our armored brigade believes in a strong Europe and in our motto…

… Zadna misja nie jest za-trudna, zadna ofiara nie jest zbyt wielka…no mission to difficult, no sacrifice to great…duty first!